Scaffolding may be a network of support frames and planks connected by joints that’s quickly erected to produce employees and their instrumentation access to the edges of buildings, interior walls and ceilings. Normal system is made modularly and for straightforward transport to multiple locations.

The basic light-weight tube staging that became the quality and revolutionized system. A scaffold of varied sizes and heights may be assembled simply by a few of laborer’s while not the around the bend or bolts antecedently needed. Tubes square measure sometimes created either of steel or aluminums; though there’s composite system that uses filament-wound tubes of fiber in an exceedingly nylon or polyester matrix, due to the high value of composite tube, it’s always solely used once there’s a risk from overhead electrical cables that can’t be isolated.

Couplers square measure the fittings that hold the tubes on. The foremost common square measure known as scaffold couplers, and there square measure three basic types: right-angle couplers, putlog couplers and swivel couplers. To affix tubes end-to-end joint pins (also known as spigots) or sleeve couplers square measure used. Solely right angle couplers and swivel couplers will be wont to fix tube in an exceedingly ‘load-bearing connection’. Single couplers don’t seem to be bearing couplers and don’t have any style capability.

Other common system elements embody base plates, ladders, ropes, anchor ties, reveal ties, gin wheels, sheeting, etc. Most firms can adopt a selected color to color the system with, so as that fast visual identification will be created just in case of stealing. All elements that square measure made up of metal will be painted however things that square measure picket ought to ne’er be painted as this might hide defects. Despite the metric measurements given, several scaffolders live tubes and boards in imperial units, with tubes from twenty one feet down and boards from thirteen foot down.