Props provide the ideal and the most economic method of support for all kinds of slabs, beams, wall & columns. They are also invaluable for a wide variety of applications in general building construction and repair work.

Sturdy,150*150*6mm Head & foot plates welded on to inner (40NB) members, having matching holes for fastening props on top of each other to gain additional height. Nail holes are provided on Head & Floor Plates for nailing wooden runners/bearers on to props.

Props eliminate the costly labour and time consumed in cutting timber to length, wedging and nailing when used in the vertical as a prop.

The high tensile steel pin is located through a slot in the outer section and a hole on the inner section for coarse adjustment. The cast collar located below the pin gives fine adjustment for leveling and striking.

Our Props are manufactured from high quality material with painted finish for long life and are highly resistant to site wear and tear and can be used on all types of building construction or for any type of use where an adjustable load-bearing member is required.