The Significance of Scaffolding in Construction:

Scaffolding is a temporary structure that is erected for use in the construction of industrial, commercial or residential buildings. With the rapid growth of the construction industry in India over the past few years, support of scaffolding material has increased hugely. Whether it is a mall, a residential tower or a SEZ project, availability of scaffolding material at the right time and place and in the right quantity is paramount to the successful completion of the construction project.

We, at Hi-Tech Scaffolding Pvt. Ltd., work with a single-minded focus of supplying high quality scaffolding equipments in the desired quantity to our clients on schedule. Our aim is to facilitate timely completion of our clients’ projects and to offer them trustworthy service, which will be an experience to be cherished.

Who We Are

Hi-Tech Scaffolding Pvt. Ltd. specializes in offering a wide range of scaffolding material on hire. We are a team driven by the highest professional and ethical standards. Our focus on efficient service, together with our rich experience, makes us a leading name in the scaffolding material hiring business in India

What we do:

We lease out a variety of scaffolding material which include Props, Spans, Centering Plates, H-Frames, Pipes, Couplers, U head, Concrete Pumps, among others. Apart from offering scaffolding material on lease, we also sell the same to interested parties.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to lease out reliable, high quality scaffolding products/equipments by honouring delivery schedules, consistently.

Why Us?

  • We supply high quality scaffolding equipments in the desired quantity to our clients on schedule.
  • Efficient service is the hallmark of our business.
  • Our enterprise is built on a foundation of trust.


  • To excel and to lead in the scaffolding material leasing business.
  • To fulfil client expectations through effective and quality services.
  • To create enduring bonds of trust with our valued customers.